General Cmte Roles

General Committees
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (ExCom) consists of the bridge officers (Commander, Executive Officer, Educational Officer, Administrative Officer, Secretary and Treasurer), the immediate Past Commander, and three Active Members elected from the general membership as provided for in the Squadron Bylaws.

The Executive Committee meets prior to the general membership meeting and has general charge of the policy, Management, and finances of the Squadron. It is vested with and has legal custody of all of the property of the Squadron. It appropriates such sums as may be deemed advisable, within the limits of the current resources of the Squadron, for the normal and usual operation of the Squadron including Squadron, District, and USSPS functions

Audit Committee
This committee shall consist of three members, one of whom is elected each year. Members with an accounting background are particularly desirable for service on the Auditing Committee. The committee shall examine all records of the treasurer, reconciling checking and savings accounts, as well as inspecting all journal entries and treasurer reports to the squadron. Annual audits of records are required as well as an audit in the event of a change of treasurer between regular audits. Special events may require an audit as the need arises. An annual audit of squadron property and insurance coverage should also be made. A written audit report, signed by the committee, should be submitted to the membership for approval. The committee may make recommendations to the treasurer as to good bookkeeping practices.

Law Officer
A good foundation in corporate and government law will enhance the efforts of the Squadron Law Officer. Initial incorporation papers, purchase contracts and leases, as well as squadron bylaws are all processed without undue difficulty when the counsel of a good law is obtained.

The Law Officer should also be available to assist the Rules Committee when his/her counsel may be desired.

Rules Committee

Nominating Committee
This is an extremely important committee responsible for screening members to serve as squadron officers or to serve on elected committees. Very careful election of members of the Nom/Com should take place. The number of nominees for service on the Nom/Com should exceed the number of vacancies to fill to allow the membership choices in voting. Usually three members will serve on this committee with one member elected each year for a three-year term so as to retain continuity. Past Commanders are desirable for service on the Nom/Com because of their prior experience in various squadron offices and committees. It is incumbent upon members of the Nom/Com to attend all squadron meetings and functions possible in order to observe and evaluate potential nominees for squadron offices and elected committees.

Nominating Committee work, interviews and evaluations of individual squadron members should be held in strict confidence within the committee. Input from the Squadron Commander should be sought in evaluating bridge members for advancement as well as considering members for service on the bridge or for other elected positions. The prospective nominees for Squadron Educational Officer before these individuals may be nominated.

All potential nominees should agree, in advance of the slate publication, to serve if elected. Notification of the squadron slate should be provided to the Squadron Secretary forty days prior to the election meeting.