Boating Education

Squadron Educational Program
The Tar River Sail and Power Squadron presently holds most of its educational courses at Parker Chapel Baptist Church  in Greenville.  The courses usually begin at 1830 and end at 2100.

The Basic Public Boating Course runs for 7 sessions and normally start in September and March.
Some Advanced courses are designated as full-year (seven or eight months) starting in September and ending in April or May, such as Junior Navigation and Navigation. The rest of the courses are generally for three or four months or less.

Courses are divided in two types -- Advanced grade and Electives. The advanced grade courses are designed to be taken in sequence after Boating, beginning with with Seamanship and progressing through Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation and Navigation. A member who takes and passes the examination for the advanced course is awarded the title (or grade) S, P, AP, JN, or N. A member's grade is entered into his file, and the member may wear the appropriate grade insignia for the highest course passed on his or her uniform. The grade also appears after the member's name on mailings and in the roster.

All courses are open to the public; there is a fee for each course that includes course material, processing, and examination costs. Fees for the course material including the examination fee are due at registration. All final examinations are sent to  The United States Power Squadron (USPS) for correction. The member is notified by mail of the final grade. In the case of failure, re-examination can be arranged.

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